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Yoga for the back

Yoga for a strong back: Many people in the western world suffer from back pain. One of the main factors is that we move too little and sit too much.

Also stress can cause back pain or worsen existing backpain as stress increases the tension in the muscles around our neck, shoulders and in the back. 
Back pain can also be caused by myofascial tightness within our fascial system (web of connective tissue that spreads throughout the whole body and surrounds every muscle, bone, organ), especially in the lower back. Back pain can become a chronic issue, not only for elderly people.

Yoga for a strong back mobilises our spine, strengthens our back- and abdominal muscles, stretches all muscles in our body effectively and contributes to stress reduction. Soft, dynamic sequences address our fascica as our fascia network needs movement in order to stay (or become) healthy and function smoothly.

Yoga for a strong back prevents pain in the neck, shoulders and back. It also helps ease existing back issues and softens tensions in our neck and shoulders over time. Mediations and visualisations for a strong back reduce the stress level and create a positive inner environment as well as a positive attitude towards our back.