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Yin Yoga

yin yoga

Relax – Slow down – Release

Yin Yoga is a quiet and meditative stile of yoga with long-held (3-5 minutes) floor postures where the muscles are kept relaxed.

By holding the postures quietly over a longer period of time, on a physical level, we reach deeper layers of our body; the connective tissues. We work with our fascia, ligaments and joints and over time, we can release deep tensions stored in our bodies and mind and stimulate the flow of energy in our energy channels (nadis or meridians).

Practicing Yin Yoga, we let the breath move freely and relax into the postures. It is our body, not our will, our ego, determining how the asanas look like. By letting go of our ego, of our own expectations towards our self, of our will to achieve, we can find inner peace, surrender to the present moment and establish a deeper connection to our inner being. Practicing mindfulness towards our body and mind, our understanding of ourselves deepens and our focus shifts from the outside world to the world within us.

Yin Yoga has a calming effect on the entire nervous system and is a perfect balancing practice to more muscular, active yoga stiles like Viryayoga and our mostly active everyday life.

I do my Yin Yoga teacher training with Sebastian and Muriell Pucelle: