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YinYang Yoga is a wonderful combination of dynamic Viryayoga (Yang) and calm and meditative Yin Yoga.

Yin and Yang are terms originating from the Chinese (Daoist) philosophy. They describe two seemingly opposite principles, but fulfilling each other. The black part of the well-known symbol characterises the Yin principle; the passive, female, receiving energy behind everything. The white part on the other side represents the Yang side of life, activity, the masculine energy.

When these two seemingly opposite principles interact, life unfolds with its constantly changing phenomena. Together Yin and Yang form a unit; one cannot exist without the other.

We use this principle when practicing yoga and create thus balance and harmony in our bodies, minds and souls between activity and slowing down, activating our muscles and relaxing them, doing and just being.


The classes start with e.g. Yin Yoga in order to reach the deeper layers of the body and to fully arrive in the present moment, in our bodies, in the silence. We then take this mindfulness into our active Viryayoga practice. We end the class with slower (Yin) postures and Shavasana. However, a YinYang yoga class can also be built up in a different way. Just be curious and join!