Business Yoga

In everyday life and at work, many people sit (too) much and/or have much stress. Business yoga can help releasing the typical tensions in the neck and shoulders. Back pain can be prevented and stress is replaced by serenity and a general sense of well-being. 

Business yoga consists of simple, yet effective exercises to mobilise, strengthen and stretch the whole body wile focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and hips.

Through mindful breathing and mindfully following the movements of the body with our attention, we learn to relax body and mind, to regenerate our energy and to remain centered and calm within ourselves. This ability can little by little also be used to handle difficult situations at homeor at work more skilfully. This in turn promotes a more peacful interaction with each other, positively influencing the working atmosphere.

I have been teaching Business Yoga at public institutions, social facilities and the private sector since 2012. I offer customised classes of varying duration, like e.g. short 30 minutes programs which can be practiced before beginning the work day or during lunch. Having available an exercise room is not a precondition for these short classes. Yoga can also be practiced in the office standing or with the help of chairs and/or walls. I also offer longer classes, e.g. for after-work hours or yoga and meditation workshops for company seminars.

Another possibility is live-streaming online classes. Business yoga can be adapted to each company`s or facility`s in-house requirements and its routines.

You'll find a list of my current customers on my "Yoga am Arbeitsplatz" page.

If you are interested, please contact me.